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Product Description

SuperSolv PLUS was formulated primarily for the packaging industry. It has better adhesion and drying on difficult surfaces such as foil packs and certain plastics. Regular SuperSolv was designed primarily for glossy paper and laminated products. 

Solvent-based ink is ideal for packaging and mail printing applications. Offers excellent adhesion on a wide range of non-porous substrates, e.g., foil, film, plastics, glossy substrates, etc. Produces a sharp, very dark image with good bar code readability. Outstanding unassisted dry time with excellent decap of 90 minutes.

Recommended Pen Parameters Pen Drive Voltage 8.7 V

Fire Pulse Length 1.8 µS

Pulse Warming OFF

Print head Performance Decap time >1 h


Product Code

KR Supersolv Plus- Black Solvent Ink

Product Code IJ1006